5 Photographers Shoot the Same Models at the Same Location

It doesn’t matter how many variables you match, when you pit creatives against one another, the results will invariably be distinct. In this video, five photographers all shoot the same models in the same location, and the results are exactly that: distinct.

I have been on a number of photography trips at this point and often with a lot of other photographers. Many of the pre-release camera press trips see you on a bus with many other photographers and the subject matter for this video happens. I have been on location with more than 20 photographers all holding the same equipment I am looking to shoot the same subjects. And yet, when the announcements land the reviews filter out, I will visit each of the attendees’ reviews and see that our images differ drastically.

This really is the beauty of our craft. 20 or more professional photographers, all holding the same camera, in the same location, at the same time, and the results are not all just some homogeneous mega-set of photographs that could be a part of anyone’s work. Each photographer has a vision for what they want to create and pursues it. And that’s what we see here in Irene Rudnyk’s video: five talented photographers baking their own cakes with the same ingredients. Who do you think did the best?

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