A Chat with Sean Kennedy (26.5.23)

Despite being only 19 years old, a freshman in college, singer-songwriter Sean Kennedy has the sophistication, maturity and elegance to stand up among his contemporaries. We spoke with Kennedy about his new album Forever Usbeing a musician in the 21st century, and much more.

OSR: What does music mean to you?

Kennedy: Music is my way of expressing myself. Each of my records is like a time capsule that preserves the emotions and stories of myself from that time.

OSR: What inspired you to become a musician?

Kennedy: I started writing songs when I was 9 years old, and I immediately fell in love with it. I did it every day and eventually, I learned how to record. I started putting out music because I wanted to share what I had been making with the world, and I haven’t stopped since.

OSR: What can you tell us about your album Forever Us? Is there a backstory or theme to it?

Kennedy: Forever Us is a very special album for me. It’s about my first relationship, and the emotions surrounding it as I was getting ready to leave school. It’s a record that revolves around love and loss, but at its center, it’s an album about feeling lucky enough to experience love. It’s very different both sonically and thematically from my previous work.

OSR: What was the most exciting and least exciting thing about creating Forever Us?

Kennedy: Making this record was beyond exciting. Working with Francesco Massidda, a producer from Italy, was so creatively fulfilling. My last three records were made primarily on my own, so working with different collaborators, especially my friends, this time around was such a nice change. I don’t think there was anything not exciting about this album’s process.

OSR: What do you hope people take from your music?

Kennedy: I hope people find themselves within my music. I want people to be able to take my songs and set them for their own lives.

OSR: If you could change one thing about Forever Us, what would it be?

Kennedy: I took some time off between my last album and this one to really hone in on my craft and conceptualize a clear idea of ​​what I wanted the next record to sound like. This album is exactly what I set out for it to be, so I don’t think I’d change anything about it

OSR: Of all the songs you have ever released, which is your absolute favorite and why is that one?

Kennedy: My absolute favorite song tends to change a lot. I don’t listen to my music much after it’s been released, so I think my favorite always tends to be whatever I’m currently working on. The song ‘Golden’ on this record is one of my current favourites, though.

OSR: What bad decision did you make that turned out to be a good decision?

Kennedy: I think some people in my life were very pessimistic when I made plans to release my debut single. I had just turned 15, I didn’t know what mixing or mastering was, and I was doing it all on my own. Some people told me I should wait, but I think releasing that song was the best decision I’ve ever made. It introduced me to the music industry and I wouldn’t be where I am today without it.

OSR: What do you think are the challenges and advantages of being a musician in this digital era?

Kennedy: I think the digital age made it possible for artists like myself to get out there without signing to a label first. Just a few years ago, I wouldn’t have been able to just decide to start releasing music. I think the downside to this is that the market is more oversaturated than ever, so it can be hard to stand out.

OSR: Do you have future plans as an artist?

Kennedy: I’m not sure what the future holds for me after this album. For so long I felt the need to always have a plan and I like that recently I’ve been letting the music come to me instead. I’ve been in talks with some very cool people within the industry, so I’m very excited to see what the future holds.

OSR: What message do you have for our readers?

Kennedy: I would tell the readers to remember to find the purpose in everything they do. Don’t go through the motions, find meaning.

Many thanks to Sean Kennedy for speaking with us. For more from Sean Kennedy, check out his official website, Facebook, TwitterInstagram and Spotify.

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