Alberta legislature to get new water feature

After seeking input from Albertans in January, the province has selected a design for a new water feature at the legislative grounds.

The government says 65 per cent of Albertans who participated chose the “river” design concept, adding those surveyed liked that it featured more green space and less concrete than the other options.

The “aurora” concept was the second most popular, receiving 17.1 per cent of the votes, and the “strata” concept came in third with 17 per cent.

The survey ran from Jan. 12 to 27, and the province says about 4,000 Albertans participated.

The new water feature will be built as part of a $20 million upgrade to the pools and walkways on the legislative grounds.

Fountains and pools at the grounds have been closed to the public since 2020 because of mechanical and public safety issues.

Construction on the new water feature is expected to begin spring 2023 and conclude in 2024.

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