Annie Taylor – Love Is Blind (2023)

What would Blondie sound like today if they just added an extra hard rock touch to their sound, making it a bit more rock than pop? Well, maybe this European band, or blend to be more precise, that goes under the name of Annie Taylor with ‘Love Is Blind’, the lead single from their latest album InnerSmile might provide the answer. The quartet consisting of Gini Jungi, Tobias Arn, Michael Mutter, and Daniel Bachmann has been perfecting their sounds since their 2020 debut album, Sweet Mortality took them on a road from playing at poorly-equipped venues to support the likes of Wolf Alice or Skunk Anansie on their 2022 tour.

With their previous record and ‘Love Is Blind’ announcing their upcoming album InnerSmile (to be released in July 2023), it is not surprising that the band was inundated with requests to perform at numerous festivals including MTW Music Week, Reeperbahn, Zurich Open Air, Waves Vienna, and the prestigious Montreux Jazz Festival, before heading to a tour of UK, Germany and Switzerland. And it all garnered them quite a few accolades from the music press across Europe.

Yet, the question is, how have they done that? ‘Love Is Blind’ is in some ways upping the ante from their debut album. It shows that Annie Taylor is still perfecting their quite infectious combination of pop, psychedelia, and grunge with some tight rhythms, good guitar sound and Gini’s voice sounding like Debbie Harry on steroids.

If ‘Love Is Blind’ is anything to judge Annie Taylor by, the upcoming album promises to be a real summer treat. Something that will further spread the word about the band that is Annie Taylor.

For more from Annie Taylor, check out their official website, TwitterInstagram and Spotify.

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