Bettina Comte’s motion designs aim to disrupt what the human mind expects

You’ll be hard pressed to come across a creative more passionate about their medium than the visual and motion designer Bettina Comte. She’s constantly enamoured by the vast possibilities code offers to a one person studio, seeing it as “a reliable pal while being a surprising tool, crashing, bugging and disrupting what the human mind expects”. She adds: “I’m very glad that the digital creative spaces are very permissive and I always give myself the opportunity to navigate through them and change the labels on my work.”

While Bettina does try to steer clear of trends, she still maintains that her fun and colorful work “can speak to everyone”. A great example of this is her series of dancing figures – their jerky malforming rhythm is comparable but sure to instigate a chuckle from anyone. Bettina also believes that thorough and considered explorations in design can aid broader conversations in society. “When taken with care, thoughts and love, this design is about fluidity, shivers, shape-shifting forms,” Bettina says. ‘It gives echoes on the current subjects of discussions about identity and the research of alternative ways of living.”

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