Experience the future of entertainment with new TELUS Optik TV features

With so many streaming platforms and devices out there, keeping track of the movies and TV series you love can be frustrating.

From multiple remotes (whose functions you can never seem to remember) to the constant input switching to watch what you want, or that annoying moment when you mistype the name of a movie in the search bar and have to start over — it gets a little much sometimes.

On top of the practicalities, all of those different subscriptions can really add up, creating a pretty big monthly expense across multiple bills, which can be cumbersome to manage.

Relatable sound? The good news is, there’s a way to make things easier and more affordable, thanks to TELUS’ new and improved Optik TV®. The exciting new features mean you can now spend less time dealing with the complexity of entertainment and more time enjoying your shows and movies.

Optik TV is an easy-to-use, simplified entertainment experience that combines hundreds of HD channels of live TV, On Demand, and streaming services, such as Netflix, Amazon Prime, and Hayu — which can be bundled onto one bill. Plus, you can customize your preferences with access to the Google Play store, which allows you to have all of your favorite apps together in one place, from Disney+ and Apple TV to Spotify and thousands of other streaming, gaming, fitness apps, and more — offering you access to anything your heart desires.

What’s more, there are many packages you can choose from, including Live TV and Netflix starting from as low as $38 a month on a two-year term. That’s pretty hard to beat.

TELUS is always working to improve and update its offerings. Check out some of Optik TV’s new features to see how it can level up your entertainment experience.

Personalized profiles


Maybe your partner’s a diehard true crime fan, and you just need your reality TV fix at the end of a long day — not exactly two genres that go hand in hand, eh? That’s why TELUS Optik TV allows you to create personalized profiles, where account users can have a unique content viewing space separate from other members of the household.

Content is tailored to your specific preferences, so you can enjoy a more individualized experience and have easy access to your favorite channels.

Unlimited recordings on the go

Heading out but don’t want to miss your favorite show? No problem. Powered by a new TELUS TV Digital Box, Cloud PVR now allows for unlimited recordings, so you can record more programs than ever before — then watch them later.

Record and watch on the go from your phone, laptop, or tablet, from anywhere you are in Canada, thanks to the TELUS TV+ app.

Sports Zone and gaming


Optical TV customers have free access to the new Sports Zone, a one-stop zone for your favorite games and sports-related content, that gives you a customized view of events across major sports leagues and beyond.

Later this year, TELUS is set to introduce the Game Zone, which will give free access to AirConsole, a gaming platform where you can play over 190 multiplayer games, including party games, puzzle games, racing games, sports games, and more with friends and family using your smartphones as controllers.

In addition, you will be able to download cloud gaming services from the Google Play store for some of your favorite games, such as Apex Legends, Fortnight, and Rocket League.

Seamless search functions

Finding incredible content has never been easier. TV Optics now includes a voice remote and universal search functions, which can help you find show titles and movies in seconds.

For those times when you don’t know what to watch, you can also use the search parameters to get the title recommendations based on themes, genres, actors, or more.

Ready to dive into endless entertainment and lighten the load on your monthly expenses? To sign up for TELUS Optik TV today, or learn more about how it’s improving the future of entertainment, click here.

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