Lomography launches online ‘film photography school’

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Quarter image of boys playing (Pic: Courtesy Lomography)
The online school already includes dozens of explainers (Pic: Courtesy Lomography)


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Lomography has launched a new “analogue photography school” on its website to celebrate Film Photography Day (12 April).

Lomography has called it The Lomo School and says it’s aimed at film photographers of all levels, even those who have yet to shoot a roll of film.

“We want to make film photography easily accessible to all and to help our mission, we’ve created a new section on our website – welcome to The Lomo School,” said Lomography in a press release. “The most exciting school you’ve ever been to, this is a dedicated online learning space teaching all about analogue photography basics through to advanced experimental techniques in easy-to-understand guides.

“The leading space on the internet for analogue education, The Lomo School is aimed at anyone and everyone with a passion for analogue whether they’ve never seen a film camera before or are an experienced film photographer looking to try some of Lomography’s signature experimental techniques but can’t quite figure out where to start. With answers to the most frequently asked questions from our community, we want this to be an interactive experience for all, so any questions can be forwarded to [email protected] and we’ll add them to the list!”

Woman shooting LOMO LC-A (Pic: Courtesy Lomography)
The school was launched to mark Lomography’s Film Photography Day (Pic: Courtesy Lomography)

The Lomo School has launched with dozens of explainers, including “What is a multiple exposure?”, “How can I scan my instant photos?” and “What is the Sunny 16 rule?”. The explainers are divided into different categories such as basic analogue photography, film scanning and pinhole photography.

“We want this to be an ever-growing, interactive space and if anyone has a useful trick to share, we want to hear it! We’re all on this journey of analogue discovery together and there’s always something new to learn,” said Lomography.

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