Mono Sources – Perfect Silence (2023)

A sizzling merging of dream-pop tones with old-school synth-pop sentimentality, US-based Brett Bixby and Jesse Jason came together to create a “passion-filled project”. Originally meeting on the Long Beach music scene, the lads are long-time friends and collaborators. Alongside their coming together to record Bixby’s release ‘City Lights’, the pair played keyboards for LA-based television composer and musician AM.

Tragic events can often have positive emotional effects – I know it sounds weird but bears with me. While touring with AM, Brett Bixby’s older brother died in a plane crash. This traumatic experience led to him experiencing depression; however, from the flames comes something new. To deal with this lapse in creativity, Jason and Bixby began experimenting with their collection of synths as a form of “musical therapy”. Mono Sources was formed from there, and the tragedy turned to clarity and development. The latest addition to Mono Sources’ discography is the single ‘Perfect Silence’.

Following the well-received track ‘Our Own’, Bixby and Jason once again bring us that old-school synth-pop charm in a mystical sonic wrapper. Leaning toward the sounds of Depeche Mode and Pet Shop Boys, a soothing calm exists in ‘Perfect Silence’. The thing is, just as there is a harmonic flow to the ethereal melody, a sense of vulnerable haunting lurks beneath.

Obscure, eclectic and mind-warping, a psychedelic wave washes over you with the distorted synths. Yet, just as you are falling, more positive beats and soothing waves bring you back to the light. Finding a line between light and dark, Mono Sources has you sitting in the sun enjoying fresh air while still having an intense pull into a mire of despair.

Have you ever sat and listened to nothing – this is perfect silence. Lost in your thoughts and enjoying the freedom silence brings.

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This artist was discovered via Musosoup #sustainablecurator

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