Random music news for Thursday, June 29, 2023

Yay! Futurama is coming back! Here’s a trailer for the new season. (Via Sean). Now some music news for June 29, 2023.

  1. Madonna has been hospitalized with a “severe bacterial infection” causing the cancellation of her world tour. A full recovery is expected, but…
  2. …geez, how sick was she really? Apparently, really, REALLY sick. Unconscious. Unresponsive. ICU. Intubated. What kind of bacterial infection are we talking about?
  3. Every band needs a security guy who can “turn hotel rooms into dungeons,” right? right?
  4. The producers of the new Indiana Jones film paid US$1 million to have just this one song in the film.
  5. Ah, romance.
  6. Lewis Capaldi says he needs a “reset” following his Glastonbury appearance. Here’s why.
  7. If you’re an artist, know that Spotify is going to release artist data this Friday. Here’s what you need to do to save yours.
  8. Damn. I should have bought Spotify stock at the dip. Here’s why.
  9. This is what the Backstreet Boys are doing now,
  10. Meanwhile, the Chemical Brothers have a comic book coming. Noel Gallagher and Beck are involved.
  11. Google 1, Genius 0.
  12. “I’m quitting music to open a gas station in Wyoming.” Yep.
  13. If your coffee shop suddenly closes and you’re out of a job, what should you do? Stage a hardcore show in the shop!
  14. The Ronnie James Dio documentary finally has a release date.
  15. That was some circle pit during Queen of the Stone Age’s Glastonbury set. See?
  16. William Shatner has revisited his prog all-stars album.
  17. Hey Gen Xers! Want to feel a little aged? The Breeders have announced a 30th-anniversary edition of The Last Splash album. Yes, 30 years.

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