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A Chat with Fish and Scales (20.07.23)

Encapsulating the mystical wonderment of folk music, German musician Fish and Scale (also known as Roland Wälzlein) searches for fulfillment and freedom in his tender

A Chat with Sean Kennedy (26.5.23)

Despite being only 19 years old, a freshman in college, singer-songwriter Sean Kennedy has the sophistication, maturity and elegance to stand up among his contemporaries.

LETI – Orpheus (2023)

With a passion for music and a natural talent for songwriting, Swiss singer-songwriter LETI shares poetic lyricism in awe-inspiring melodies. Blending elements of folk, jazz

Mono Sources – Perfect Silence (2023)

A sizzling merging of dream-pop tones with old-school synth-pop sentimentality, US-based Brett Bixby and Jesse Jason came together to create a “passion-filled project”. Originally meeting

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Alyssa Watson
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